Fine together with Optimify brought to market new cloud solutions.

Area: Construction industry

Location: Europe, Africa

Services: CloudDesktop applications

Application Truss project manager enables to the Fine`s clients, who design roofs in the programmes Truss3D and Truss 2D, managing their projects, dividing tasks in the organization and sharing information with colleagues and customers.


Optimify helped with the architecture of the mobile application Forseti Home

Area: Smart home

Location: Czech republic

Services: Mobile applications

Smart mobile application that enables temperature regulation, heating schedule, detection of heat leaks and much more. Intelligent heating that saves time and money and is accessible from anywhere.


Internal planning system with clients management

Area: Transportation

Location: Czech republic

Services: Cloud

Internal planning system with clients management.


An e-shop tailored to the needs of computer business for true professionals

Area: Information technology

Location: Czech republic, Slovakia

Services: E-shops

The most powerful computers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia deserve a professional business background. Optimify designed a new look and created a 100% functional e-shop that corresponds to the quality of the products offered.


Karstak company has new modern websites thanks to Optimify.

Area: Construction industry

Location: Czech republic

Services: Websites

Karstak company needed to help with redesigning logos and websites. The goal was to create modern website layout which show what the company deals with – creation of the trusses with a joint plate.